Encino Avenue
Alta Dena
Mt. Washington
Bestor House
Hancock Park

The Lakehouse “where nature is nurtured” is a bed & breakfast and private home, situated on the shores of Lake Sammamish, near Seattle, Washington. This peaceful retreat serves as a sanctuary from city life. So it was vital to our design to create an outdoor living space that worked just as well with the wildlife as it did with the houseguests.

Working closely with our client and their architect, we created a system of covered patios that extended along the lakeside to maximize the sweeping view. The strategically placed retaining walls enclose a front courtyard, with a gently curving path that leads guests to the front door, adding a sense of drama and welcoming.

Vibrant and eclectic gardens flow throughout the property, providing privacy, seasonal variety, flowers and food. We intermingled native plants with heirloom perennials, creating a natural, uncontrived playfulness where colorful bulbs pop up amongst wild strawberries.

An abundance of grasses ensures constant movement, catching the slightest breeze and echoing the movement of the waves beyond. Designed for year-round beauty, the grassy spikes and hardy perennials hold their form through frost, adding a soft structure no matter the season.

Below the beds, a lush greenbelt leads down to the water, past an original moss-covered retaining wall, and through a lower meadow of tall grass. At the water’s edge mature plantings of colorful red-twigged dogwood, black pussy willows and water iris secure the beach from winter storms. We planted quaking aspens along the property line to frame the already spectacular view.