Sustainably Beautiful Garden design

Over the last 20 years, I've transformed countless gardens, working primarily in Los Angeles. Here are some photos of a few projects, other gardens are shared on Houzz (button below).

We are a design-only firm, working with licensed landscape contractors, gardeners and homeowners. 

A Note from A Client

I am most happy to recommend Stephanie highly — I have worked with her many times over the years and am a satisfied and loyal customer.  I’ll also say that she worked with us on our last home — a Meditteranean built in the 90s in Encino; and our “Barn” on a half-acre in Studio City. Before I hired her the first time, I interviewed several garden designers. She was the only one who spent time INSIDE my home, looking at our taste and lifestyle. She also spoke to us about how we used our outdoor space. She was the only one who had a vision for the entire project — not just a “planting plan.” If you could see the stunning transformation from that spec house and its sea of marathon sod and spindly ficus trees, into an absolute vision of a formal Meditteranean garden — it MADE that house; and also enabled us to sell it for a great price. We hired us to revise this garden when we moved in,  it’s been a great experience and the garden is fabulous.

Stephanie really shepherds the project, from concept and design, through to selection of subs (if there are any), quotes, work, completion, and follow up well after it’s all done. If you are using subs for lighting, outdoor sound, hardscapes, pools, etc., she selects top people and manages them really well, and makes sure the work is on- time and on-budget and complete.

Stephanie is always very specific, with substance (down to pictures of the flowers that will eventually appear on the plants she installs), with budget (would you like a small/medium/or large tree in a spot, and different prices for each), and with timing. She is a VERY straight shooter. She also does not take on a huge numbers of clients, so I always feel like I get very personal, timely service.

Her landscape plans are very professional / architectural and so very clear and easy to understand and visualize. She has an ongoing interest in the health and beauty of our home, even when we are not actively planting or changing anything.

I have come to understand the importance of a beautiful, sustainable garden not only for quality of home life, but for the value of a home. Stephanie has exceptional vision and skills, knowledge, integrity, and importantly IMHO, relationships with top-notch subs — and her fees are reasonable and fair. She is always looking for ways to save her clients’ money. I lover her work and can’t imagine either of our homes without her garden design magic imprinted on them. Plus, she’s just a good person.

-Lisa Carloss